Location Support



Have peace of mind knowing that you will have qualified homes for each of your Pringles vending machines! More and more locations are requesting our Pringles machines. Now is the time to start building your business around the Pringles Vending concept. Across the country, the demand for Pringles vending machines continues to grow. To answer this call, Pringles Vending is now seeking motivated distributors to join in this opportunity.

As a Pringles vending business owner, we will provide you with a Professional Locating company to secure your locations for you. You will be able to tell them what geographic area you would like to target as well as have the final approval of each location. There is no selling on your part. The locations are shown to you and you will decide, with the assistance of a professional locater, which locations will work best for you.

Disclaimer: Vendomatic Markting Solutions Inc. not in the locating business and does not get locations for machines. We can provide you with a locating company which you can choose from.

The Pringles Vending Business is a fully operational proven  business  model  and offers  a  unique  and  secure  path  to  ​create  an  additional  income  stream  with  ​minimal  investment  of  time  and  effort. Vendomatic Marketing Solutions Inc. makes no income  guarantee as the accumulative profit in a given location/territory will differ based on a variety of customer uses per machine at each individual location. Pringles is the registered trademark of Pringles LLC and Kellogg North America Co. and is not affiliated with or an agent of the Pringles Vending Business Program. Niether company ​is affiliated with or an agent of the Pringles Vending Business offered by Vendomatic Marketing Solutions Inc.
The MCSC Vending Program is a joint venture between merchants, vending equipment operators and the Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC). MCSC is the grateful beneficiary of this Vending Program and receives funds every month for every machine that will be displaying missing children..